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April 28, 2002  A Word doc viewer? Well, duh.

Some of you may say, "well duh, I knew about that," but until today, I did not know that Microsoft had a free Word document viewer. This is strange because I did know about the free Power Point viewer. This comes from relatives who are often emailing me various attachments, including humorous PowerPoint presentations. Both of these viewers are helpful to people like me who don't have the cash to buy MS Office (or prefer to use other office suites), but want to be able to view .doc and .ppt files that are sent to us.

Also, many of us have applications which claim to be able to save to MS .doc format, but would like to have a way to check that they really are being done correctly. Wordpad, which comes with Windows, can view some documents, but not if they have complicated formatting.

Download PowerPoint Viewer
Download Word Document Viewer

Posted by Christy on April 28, 2002 01:07 AM


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