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September 21, 2002  Found a new home

I just finished transfering this site to a new web host, Infinology. They have a lot more bandwidth and disk space for the same price as my old host. Their interface/control panel has a lot more features. At my old host, I could barely tell how much of my montly bandwidth alotment I had used up, and I had no idea if I was running close to my diskspace limit. Now, I should be able to put up a lot more video clips. One of the bigger hurdles was getting Movable Type transferred, because the path names were different.

But by far the worst part about the move was getting Verisign to change the DNS information. Their online system was buggy, and their phone support staff was clueless. Granted, they were in the middle of switching over their account sysetem, but they are one of the more expensive hosts, so they should do a better job. Next year, before my registration expires, I intend to switch to I hear lots of good things about them, and they are a third the price.

Posted by Christy on September 21, 2002 04:29 PM


Everything works great, can't keep a good site down!

Posted by: John on September 21, 2002 04:40 PM

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