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October 26, 2001 Corrected Link

To find the shownotes for tonight's episode, go to, not, as mentioned in the show.

Posted by Christy at 10:55 PM

October 22, 2001 Stella Marie's Latest Release

NEWS FLASH!!! (Aah-aaaah!) Stella Marie has struck again! Go see her latest flash creation, The Screen Savers Movie, before they plug it on the show. It may be your only chance! It takes a while to download, but it's worth it. (Many thanks to Carol on the Leoville message boards for the heads-up.)

Posted by Christy at 10:53 PM

October 18, 2001 Weirdness

A weird technology week. A keyboard retaliated when Leo demonstrated how to clean it, his Leoville message boards got all messed up, and he licked Chris Pirillo's face on-air. A fire alarm kept going off at my work, and one of the RAM sticks in my computer went bad. And then there was this bit of weirdness.

Good thing I accidentally ordered two sticks of RAM instead of one. My blow-by-blow account can be found in the latest update to my Diary of a First Time Computer Builder. I'm amazed that I was able to fix the problem so fast. Watching The Screen Savers makes you smart.

I've been corresponding by email with John of The Megan Morrone Image Page, and he's just posted an interesting interview with Megan. And no, it's not interesting just because I supplied some of the questions. He asked me for suggestions, and I thought I was going to be an anonymous ghost writer, but he's given me full credit. Something that I would like to follow up on is why "Grandma Morrone" has been temporarily banned.

Posted by Christy at 10:48 PM

October 17, 2001 Dark Humor

In his Site of the Nite segment Scott Herriott mentioned City Morgue Gift Shop, which reminded me of the L.A. County Coroner's Gift Shop. Well before they had an online website, my mom came home one day with one of their pamphlet/catalogs, and I loved the deranged humor of it so much that I bought two t-shirts, one with the body outline, and one with the skeleton Sherlock Holmes. I've worn them so much that I need to go get new ones to replace them. Their proceeds go to charity, so go check it out.

Posted by Christy at 07:44 PM

October 16, 2001 Leoville

In the email segment at the end of the show, a viewer asked about finding black components for his computer. My favorite site for that is It's where I found a silver floppy drive to match my Lian-Li PC60 case when I built my new computer in August. Mucking around the Screen Savers site turned up the 11.21.2000 edition of the shownotes with a few more site recommendations. Patrick also recommended Krylon. Problem is, with things like a CD-ROM drive drawer, it can be difficult to keep the spray paint from gluing the button or tray shut. A better way was recommended by Kate Botello back in March 2000 when she built her new all-black computer, the Grace-Hopper: use a Sharpie pen (or other permanent marker). It's a lot less messy. I'm going to try out a silver paint pen on my CD-burner to see if I can get it to match my case.

I have to recommend to any TSS fan interested in behind-the-scenes goings on, that you visit the Leoville message boards, especially the Calling Carol thread. This thread goes wild whenever TSS gets up to something strange, such as Patrick wearing a kilt. Today's drama unfolded a little before 2pm when Laura Burstein tipped off people in the CFH chatroom that she would be smearing stuff on Chris Pirillo's face during Call For Help. A Leoville citizen posted this to the board to alert others to be ready with the video capture. Another citizen suggested that Leo take the opportunity to get revenge on Chris for messing with his computer. Leo was checking his board that afternoon, and the result was what Leo was referring to in the bootcamp segment about licking Chris. The message board includes several screen shots of the important moments.

Posted by Christy at 10:42 PM

October 11, 2001 Daily Dish: The Lost Episodes

I received a wonderful present in my email box today: two unpublished articles from Aaron Pewtherer, my favorite Dish author. Unfortunately, he is no longer working for TechTV, but he sent me the articles to post on this site:

Daily Dish: The Lost Episodes

Posted by Christy at 10:37 PM

October 04, 2001 Russ Pitts Part Deux

Oh no. Mothers, lock up your kids because Russ Pitts is writing the Daily Dish again. Didn't the folks at TSS learn their lesson last year? In the current Dish article, Russ writes, "So I was wondering the other day why the gosh darn holy heck I don't ever write the Daily Dish anymore." Gee, Russ, it wouldn't have anything to do with that feud you concocted last year between Leo and Scott, now would it? (see my rants entry for 7.5.2001).

If you read this Russ, let me tell you that I have had misgivings in the past about the way I've abused you on this site, especially since you've never done anything to me (but heck, why wait for a little detail like that). And, I was a little anxious about visiting the studio last July in case word had gotten around to you about what I had said. However, we didn't cross paths on that day, and L.F. gave me all the encouragement I needed to keep on doing it. (It went something like: "Oh really! What's the URL? 'cause I like to tease him too.")

Posted by Christy at 10:33 PM

October 02, 2001 TSS in 360

The link to last week's Quicktime VR 360º picture of the Screen Savers set does not appear to have made it into the show notes. You can find it here: Screen Savers studio set

Posted by Christy at 10:30 PM

October 01, 2001 Broken Links

Just finished fixing a bunch of broken links on this site. On my links page, I have a collection of links to older articles on the TechTV site that contain "video highlight" links. These are fun for those fans who would like to watch segments from old shows. A week and a half ago, Megan wrote a dish article about how many of the articles on the TechTV site had recently been moved, causing many links to be broken. She managed to get them to temporarily redirect the old links, however, the video links within the older articles also broke, and were not redirected. After some lucky guesswork and hyperlink-hacking, I've managed to get all my links working again. Now, I don't have a link to every "Video Highlight" article; that would take too much time. But if any of you have been searching through the articles in the Screen Savers site, and have found a dead video link that you want to see, send the page link to me. I will try to make a working link for it, and either send it back to you, or post it on my site.

Posted by Christy at 10:28 PM