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December 27, 2001 Un Plug 'N Pray

I'm sure that The Screen Savers would be all over this if it weren't for the Christmas holiday reruns. The FBI has issued a warning to users of Windows XP to disable universal plug and play on their computers because it has a security hole which allows hackers to take control of a computer if it is connected to the internet. Microsoft disagrees that disabling the feature is necessary, claiming that that their patch is sufficient. Also, the FBI does not provide any instructions on how to disable this feature. Fortunately, Steve Gibson of has provided a free application called UnPlug 'n Pray that will do this for you. It also has the ability to re-enable the feature should you wish to do so in the future. While you're visiting his site, check out all the other interesting stuff he has done.

Posted by Christy at 10:42 PM

December 03, 2001 Another Funny Google Search

It's been a while since I've had a really funny Google search land in my site's access logs. Megan, has your boss been menacing anyone lately? 'Cause I got a Google link entry for:


Posted by Christy at 10:38 PM